No, CANVI seamlessly fits into the switch boards and you absolutely have no need to alter the wiring infrastructure.
You will need one device per room that you want to automate. For example, if you want to enable three rooms in your house, you will need to install three of our devices (One in each room) .
We designed Canvi keeping in mind Inverter enabled homes. So, the answer is yes Canvi works with inverters.
There won't be any interference between devices. Hence, you can install multiple devices in a given location.
Refer to the manual.
Any android phone (version dash and up) and any iOS device (version dash and up) supports our device.
No, you can access Canvi from any location in the world provided that you home and your mobile phone has internet connection. However, in order to access Canvi with in your home, you need no internet connection on both ends.
No, you can still use the physical switches on the switch boards as usual. After installing Canvi in your switchboards, You can control your appliances both traditionally by physically turning ON the switches as well as using the app. Infact the physical switches and the app synchronizes in real-time. So, you can turn On physically and turn OFF using the app and vice-versa.
Maximum load of the CANVI is maximum 250w each channel for resistive loads and inductive loads in canvi 8x and canvi 4x, the maximum load of the canvi smart plug is 3.5KVA.
Not with the present version of our hardware. But we are planning to launch a new device that can handle heavy loads like Geysers etc. Stay tuned by liking us on social media, we are getting there.
No, we ship the devices with the latest firmware which is fully functional and tested.
No, But if you have one at home that has internet connection, Canvi can connect to it.
Yes, If you want to control Canvi from a remote location, both Canvi and your mobile should have internet.
Yes, There is no latencies associated with Canvi. So, yes the device works in real-time.
If the load is a dimmable load, yes you can dim the loads.
You can make dim fans and dimmable led. CFL and other appliances are non dimmable.If you make a dim to non dimmable led or any CFL bulb it will flickers.
We are providing the fan regulator circuits. You can replace the fan regulator circuit then it will work manual and autonomous.
No, you should totally avoid the idea of trying to dim a non-dimmable loads.
By using CANVI timer you can set the alarm to your device
Yes. You can set the timer for CANVI remotely by using Internet.
Yes. You can set the timer for each channel.
No, only people with the password can control the appliances connected to Canvi.
Yes, 1 year manufacturer's warranty will be provided. Refer to the documentation provided with Canvi.